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I will be moving around 15 of November

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  • I will be moving around 15 of November

    Hey everyone.
    We have bought a new house, and I will be moving soon.
    The takeover is 15th of November, and I will be moving my eq over one of the first days.

    Unfortunately for you, that means a bit downtime.

    We are talking 3-4 hours. (Maybe More)
    I don't have the exact moving date in plan. But I would assume that it will be 16th of November.

    There might be another issue.
    Since the IP will change, the server might drop out of favorites and recently played server.
    You will ofc still not lose any progress, but might have to search up DamDiDum again.

    I will update this post when its all back online.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and happy playing