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New changes to DamDiDum ARK Servers.

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  • New changes to DamDiDum ARK Servers.

    Hi fellow survivors

    I will make a few changes to the servers.
    • Pet Finder Mod will be removed due to the fact that it's not useful any more
    • Classic Flyers: I'm sorry this will be removed. If I/devs at some point manage to enable leveling of flying speed skill I will. But the mod is way to hard to configure properly. I don't have the time or energy to deal with this mod.
      I did try reaching out to the Dev of this mod. But little or no help to get there.
    • Cluster Wipe will NOT be preformed.
    • Night/Day are set to default which will be 125% Day and 100% night. (Which are official settings)
    • Max wild level will not be adjusted. For that to be restored, I would need to do a wipe. So max lvl will be staying at 255. ( I will however try to tweak the difficulty and drops a bit).
    • Stargate Mod: I haven't really made up my mind yet here. But I think I will go for disabling some features. Like The stargate itself.
      I don't feel the rings are breaking the game. It's more like an elevator.
    • S+ will stay in the game
    • Jurassic Ark will also stay.
    • I now have 4 PvE servers running and 1 PvP Server
      you can transfer between the servers (except you can't transfer to PvP server, only from).
    • You can run commands in the chat. type !commands for a list of commands.
    • For now !admin will trigger an email to me. Please do NOT overuse this feature or it will be canceled.
    • If you want any mods added or removed. (or edited) please use the Mod Reqeust forum for this
    I do hope we can all live with these changes/updates.
    If someone disagrees, feel free to reply.

    Some of the changes has alreaddy happened.
    Some will happen in very near future.
    All changes should be done by the end of this week.

  • #2


    If i did read it correct. both c.flyer ans st will be removed.. bad new for me... but i anderstand ,but i wish at least the st stays... thats all..


    • #3

      The only thing I'm not sure about is the Stargate. I might remove/disable parts of the mod. Or I might just keep it all. (I do have a passion for Stargate )
      But I'm open for suggestions
      But CF will be removed yes.


      • #4

        plz plz pretty plz. let atleast st stay...


        • #5

          If both of them goes. than i will vote for a wipe of servers..


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            Stargate stays.
            At least that is easier to not use
            I myself don't use the gates. But maybe I will build one just for show. it looks nice.