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Patch Notes 2017-08-07

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  • Patch Notes 2017-08-07

    Important notice about this patch: We’ve identified a number of problem areas around The Sacred Path where players and creatures were getting stuck. We’ve done some work on the terrain in these areas, and it should make for a much better experience while traveling and building a home on The Sacred Path. Unfortunately, a side effect of these changes is that structures and items on the affected terrain may be damaged or destroyed when the patch goes live. For future patches, we’ll be implementing a system where we can cordon off areas targeted for terrain fixes. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Infernus Dragon Fire Breath Exploit - Temporary Fix: A tamed Infernus Dragon’s Fire Breath attack wasn’t properly interacting with House Seals and structures, allowing players to damage items and players through walls under a House Seal. This has turned out to be a fairly complex issue, so we’ve temporarily disabled the Infernus Dragon’s Fire Breath attack while we’re working on a permanent fix.

    Animation and Sound:

    Weapons / Magic:
    Wooden Bow - Improved animations.
    Ghost Scythe - Added new sound effects to light and heavy attacks.
    Horses - Added hit and footstep sound effects.

    Evades (crouch + movement direction) - Added a forward evade and improved animations for all evades.
    Adjusted various female character animations.
    Adjusted movement animations during character creation.

    Slightly increased the time for rare resource nodes to respawn after being depleted.

    City Guards - Increased base stats.
    NPC health recovery speed increased.

    Divine Creatures - Added spell damage resistance.
    Boss Creatures - Increased health pool.
    Infernus Dragon - Added spell damage resistance and fire damage immunity. Temporarily removed Flame Breath attack. Reduced respawn rate.
    Frost Dragon - Added spell damage resistance and ice damage immunity. Reduced respawn rate.
    Wyvern - Added spell damage resistance.
    Elementals - Added elemental damage immunity based on the Elemental’s type (i.e. Fire Elementals are now immune to fire damage).
    Ice Elemental - Added new water attack.
    Water Elemental - Increased respawn rate.
    Dark Fallen - Added dark damage immunity.
    Ice Wolf - Added ice damage resistance.
    Hellcat - Added fire damage resistance.
    Bahamut - Added fire damage resistance.
    Centaurs - Adjusted animations.
    Wolf - Reduced the amount of Raw Meat obtained from harvesting a Wolf corpse.

    Friendly fire constitution damage reduced.
    City Lords - Adjusted the amount of gold required to enforce punishments.

    Equipment / Magic:
    All Projectile Magic (Fireball, Frostbolt, Lightning, etc.) - Increased projectile max flight distance.
    Wall of Lightning - No longer damages structures.
    Small Spell Tower - Increased targeting range by 50%.
    Iron Hammer - Heavy attack hit detection improved.
    Iron Pick - Added a power attack (right-click).
    Spear - Can now aim vertically, even if it looks a bit awkward for now.
    All Armor Types - Adjusted physical and magic defense, and added spell resistance to be more in line with the armor tier, type, and weight.

    New Content:

    Using certain items will now increase related Knowledge node experience.

    Added Health and Mana bars when targeting creatures, NPCs, and other players.
    Adjusted tooltips in the Knowledge interface.
    Added icons above objects that can be interacted with.
    Ice Chunk - Changed the item icon.
    Server Selection UI - Now allows for longer server names.
    Keybinds - Cleaned up the menu and removed unused actions.

    Bug Fixes

    Resetting Potion - Using it will no longer reset your unlocked Schematics.
    Wall of Lightning - Schema crafting requirements, damage tick frequency, and spell duration have all had their values corrected.
    Spider Web - Players can now move immediately after casting.
    Firestorm - Fixed damage against metal structures.
    Fertilizer - Fixed a bug where fertilizer would disappear from a crop plot after a short period of time.
    War Flag - Fixed a bug where, occasionally, after making a war declaration, the House that received the declaration would not be able to damage the declaring House’s structures.
    Framework Triangle Foundation - Corrected HP values.
    Stone and Iron Pickaxe and Axe - Improved hit detection, making it easier to gather from smaller resource nodes without needing to crouch.
    War Declaration - Fixed incorrect War Declaration time, now persists through server restarts. Fixed an issue where one House was
    unable to attack another even after receiving a War Declaration.
    Focusing Potion - Fixed a bug where it was uncraftable if learned after level 10.
    Bedrolls - Can now be picked up after placing and will retain durability usage.
    Parachute - Fixed a bug where players were still taking full fall damage even when using a Parachute.
    Dragon Transports - Temporarily removed Estel and Ironfast’s Dragon Transports while the system is redesigned.
    Wall Torch - Fixed a bug where Wall Torches would defy all logic and expand to dozens of times their original size when demolished.

    Guards - Fixed a bug where Guards would occasionally spawn with only 1 HP. Can now actually look up and target / attack flying creatures.
    NPC Vendors - Now respawn in their set location within their city after a set period of time after being killed.

    The Sacred Path:
    Adjusted terrain in a number of locations around The Sacred Path where characters and creatures were getting stuck. This patch is focused mainly on the area around Ironfast.
    Fixed issues with floating foliage in a number of locations around The Sacred Path.

    Fixed a bug where a character dismounting from certain creatures would allow them to clip through walls.
    Longhorn, Hellcat, and Infernus Dragon - Fixed a bug where these creatures would move backwards when using their normal attack while riding them. Power attacks still have this issue, and will be fixed in a future patch.
    Frost Dragon - Fixed a bug where Frost Dragons could be ridden without a saddle.
    Light Elemental - Fixed a bug where Light Elementals could be equipped with a saddle.

    Made adjustments to the Female Guard Armor and Male Traveler Suit models.
    Note: we're aware that there are still some issues with the Quest system, and we appreciate your feedback thus far. We're working on those bugs and we'll have a fix out as soon as possible.