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Patch notes 2017-08-10

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  • Patch notes 2017-08-10

    Here's the full list of what to expect:

    We've made rabbits and sheep easier to hunt--though why would you want to kill such sweet fuzzy creatures?
    Fix the bug that causes players to lose their inventory items when rebooting the server.
    Allow human NPCs to respawn after being killed so that you can do your trading and get your gold!
    Fix the bug that permitted random players to sit in your chair or lie in your bed.
    You will now be able to drag the bodies of players who are dizzy and immobile, similarly to how you can drag dead bodies.

    Weapon and Spell Fixes:

    Previously players could cast a spell even if their mana was insufficient, which decreased their staff's core durability. We've fixed this issue.
    When you switch your staff from being on your back to in your hand and also use the shortcut to switch the staff head, a bug prevents the right staff head from being placed. We've fixed this bug.
    The Wall of Fire will now give players damage if its cast at them or where they're standing--you're not fireproof anymore!

    Playability Fixes:

    Fix bugs in the scroll wheel players use as a shortcut to switch between items.

    Performance Optimization:

    Optimized creature's movement AI.
    Reduce the number of fish to prevent the number of creatures getting stuck in the terrain.
    Improve and optimize game performance and playability.
    We've temporarily the option to rent a house in the city, but if you've already got a rental, don't worry--yours won't be affected. We're adjusting the system to make it easier to use, as well as add special guards to protect your stuff, so you can be confident that your rental will be safe.
    We've optimized tree cutting so that you can cut down trees quicker and more smoothly.
    We've got a big update planned for later this month, and there are still some known issues that we're working on. We appreciate all your feedback, and our Support Team is always available to help you out.