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Patch 2017-09-08

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  • Patch 2017-09-08

    Mysteries of Blackice Peakspatch supplement notes

    Greetings Adventurers! Last week’s rolled back patch is scheduled to launch at 1.00 A.M PDT on 9/07/2017.

    Additionally, we have made some improvements to the existed patch contents.

    1. Raged Bytorg the Frost-Bound turns the frost cave to a total frigid zone, adventurers must get fully prepared before their journey into the cave. Clothes with cold-resistance and spells that could rise temperature will be great of help.

    2. Due to the curse of Bytorg the Frost-Bound, effects of blocking spells, such as Icewall have been weakened in the frost cave.

    Again we’d like to apologize for failing to push the patch live earlier and causing a lot of confusion and frustration. In the last few days, we have been working on the build at our full stretch, and fixed existed bugs as below:

    - Fixed server crash bugs.

    - Fixed a bug that causes client to crash.

    - Fixed a bug where Hailstorm effects remain on screen.

    We’re still working on the black screen issue