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BUNGIE, Are Random Rolls a Pipedream?

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  • BUNGIE, Are Random Rolls a Pipedream?

    Hello all,

    either random rolls, or make legendaries 20x more difficult to obtain, and actually make them unique and powerful. If we were forced to use blues for the first 60 hours of the game, getting a full set of legendary/ exotic gear would be interesting. I think legendaries and exotics should have clear advantages. Don't give me trash about how pvp would be screwed up, sbmm will sort that out.

    Thank you

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    I'm gonna be honest, and say I haven't played D2 in a while.
    But when I leveled and got to endgame, the gear went up pretty fast.

    The reason I stopped playing was because I was bored.
    Nothing todo basically.

    I agree that legendary should be way better.